Impactful Use of Images/Pics in Search Engine Optimization

So much of how we perceive SEO is all around text and keywords, but images have a role to play as well. They’re crucial for user experience.
Think about it: if you got yourself on a webpage that looked similar to a Word document with nothing but a text on a white background. You wouldn’t feel that the website was trustworthy or interesting. Research proves that people are eighty percent more likely to read content that incorporates a picture and sixty-four percent more likely to remember it.
Pictures are a large part of how we feel a web page. That values for SEO because Google’s algorithm gives awareness to behavior metrics that indicate user experiences. For example, bounce rates and the amount of time visitors will spend on a website.
But pictures can also be optimized to more quickly assist with SEO as well. Where the ordinary guest to your page will only see the picture itself, search engine crawlers see the text behind the image that you can choose to show them(crawlers) what you want them to see.