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Maximize Your Online Profits with Our Turnkey Google Ads Services

Use Google Ads, mainly search ads, to quickly bring new customers to your business. Our complete Google Ads services help you reach your targets, like getting more leads or increasing online sales, while also helping you make more money. Our ready-to-use solution gives you everything needed to increase your online earnings, and we can have you up and running in just 5 business days.

If you’re a new Google Ads user, you may qualify for $350 in free ad credit

Types of Google Ads Services

Tailored PPC services for diverse business needs: B2B & B2C lead gen, eCommerce advertising, & more. Our experts craft customized strategies to reach your target audience, boost sales & grow your customer base. Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

Our Google Ads Process

We actively manage your Google Ads using data-driven strategies and certified experts. Campaigns are continuously optimized and updated.

A great keyword strategy is key to success in Google Ads search campaigns. We use top-notch tools and our years of experience to create a keyword plan that fits your budget and business goals. We’ll choose the right keywords, group them correctly, and use different match types and negative keywords to get the best balance of quantity and quality. We’ll also work with you to target the right people based on factors like age, location, language, devices, and when your ads show up.

Keeping track of what works and being responsible for how well your campaign does is super important for a successful Google Ads campaign. We’ll help you set up a way to track when people fill out forms on your “thank-you” pages. This lets us see how well different parts of your campaign are doing, like your ads, keywords, devices, and the types of people seeing your ads. We’ll also connect this tracking to Google Analytics, so you can see all your website traffic in one place.

Having landing pages that work really well is a big part of a successful ad campaign. We’ll help you make sure your landing pages are designed in a way that’s easy to use, clearly shows what you’re offering, and makes people want to take action. If you need it, we can also help design your landing pages and test different versions to see what works best.

We create and regularly test different advertising designs and formats. This helps make the ads more compelling, relevant to what people are searching for, and aligned with what you’re offering. To assist with this process, we use tools like ad variations and experiments within the Google Ads platform.

Great search ads involve more than just the main text headlines and descriptions. Google offers various ad extensions that provide additional details like call buttons, location info, pricing, promotions, images and more. We’ll determine which of these extra components are best suited for your campaign to tell your story effectively.

We can create ads totally from scratch, or incorporate your own ad ideas. Our ad creation service covers different ad types like text ads, responsive ads that adjust to device sizes, and video ads for YouTube.

We use the free Looker Studio tool to create integrated, consistent, good-looking and easy-to-understand performance reports. The reports highlight the most important metrics at the top, with campaign details below. We can customize the reports and schedule them to be sent according to each client’s preferences. Clients also have 24/7 access to view a reporting dashboard. The monthly reports include an executive summary, analysis of performance, and a brief plan for the upcoming month’s actions.

We actively manage your campaigns following proven processes. We use data trends to continuously optimize strategies for keywords, bids, ad testing, targeting locations, devices, schedules, audiences and more. Where appropriate, we’ll implement automated bidding.

If you need to change your offering, benefits or targeting, we’ll work with you to ensure the campaigns align with your latest goals and messaging.

We stay up-to-date on all the new Google Ads features each month, implementing the ones that will benefit your account. This helps you stay ahead of competitors while following best practices.

You will always work directly with the same person who manages your account. All of our account managers are certified in Google Ads and fully trained to follow our standard operating procedures.

Why Choose Us?

Our digital marketing agency provides bespoke strategies tailored to your business needs. With a dedicated team offering support five days a week, we prioritize transparent communication and innovative solutions. Trust our proven track record for improving ROI and achieving your goals.
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What our clients have to say about our service

We actively manage your Google Ads using data-driven strategies and certified experts. Campaigns are continuously optimized and updated.

I’m the owner of BCS Travel, a European bus charter service. We hired APUS for website development, SEO, and Google Ads. Chosen for their cost-effectiveness, their small team boosted our site visits and lead conversions. Their responsive, prompt service and impressive results make them highly recommendable.
Anton Geier
APUS is a top-notch digital marketing agency, offering top-tier full-cycle marketing solutions. Their team is professional, creative, and highly responsive, ensuring campaigns are tailored to client needs. From strategy to execution, APUS excels in driving results and maximizing ROI. Highly recommend!
Dimitry Rapoport
APUS has excelled in delivering top-notch SEO services for our React-based platform. Their ability to tackle the unique challenges of optimizing dynamic content in React has significantly enhanced our visibility and organic traffic. APUS’s innovative strategies and dedication to results are truly commendable.
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Grow Your Business With Our Google Ads Services

We offer complimentary Google Ads consultations and market research to help you understand your audience, identify growth opportunities, and launch high-performing PPC campaigns.