Dominating the US Market with SEO and SMM for a Mercedes-Benz Parts Company

About Project

A European company specializing in selling Mercedes-Benz parts online through a modern website built with React technologies. The company sought to penetrate the US market and significantly increase its online sales.

Main Highlight is: Dominating the US Market for AMG Parts

We propelled the AMG parts store’s website to the top positions in search engine rankings in the USA, surpassing major competitors like Amazon, eBay, and local dealers. Remarkably, we have maintained these top positions for the past 3-4 years, demonstrating the sustained effectiveness of our SEO strategy.

Our Role

  • Successfully enter and dominate the US market.
  • Increase online visibility and sales.
  • Establish the company as a leading provider of Mercedes-Benz parts in the US.


  • ReactJS SEO Specifics.
    The website is built using ReactJS, which presents unique challenges for SEO. ReactJS sites often require additional configuration to ensure that search engines can effectively crawl and index the dynamic content. This necessitated implementing server-side rendering (SSR) and other technical SEO strategies to optimize the website for search engines, ensuring it could achieve and maintain top rankings despite these complexities.
  • Adapting the marketing strategy to appeal to the US audience.
    Competitors in this niche often have surprisingly large marketing budgets, necessitating efficient and effective use of resources to compete.
  • Building brand awareness from scratch in a new region.
    Constantly facing new competitors employing black hat SEO techniques, which adds complexity to maintaining our client’s SEO integrity and rankings.

Strategies Implemented

1. Comprehensive SEO Strategy

We designed and implemented an SEO strategy to boost the website’s visibility and attract organic traffic from the US market.

Actions Taken:

  • Conducted an in-depth market analysis and keyword research specific to the US audience.
  • Optimized the website’s technical aspects, content, and metadata for high-priority keywords.
  • Developed a robust backlink profile by partnering with US-based automotive and tech websites.
  • Increased organic traffic by 250%.
  • Achieved top-5 rankings for high-volume Mercedes-Benz parts-related keywords in the US.

 2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We created and executed a social media strategy to engage with potential customers and build brand awareness.

Actions Taken:

  • Launched targeted campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Created engaging content, including how-to videos, customer testimonials, and product showcases.
  • Collaborated with US-based influencers and automotive communities to expand reach.
  • Grew social media followers by 400%.
  • Increased engagement rates by 70%.
  • Attracted a substantial number of new customers via social media channels.

 3.  Website Optimization and User Experience (UX)

We ensured the website was not only optimized for search engines but also provided an exceptional user experience.

Actions Taken:

  • Designed a user-friendly and responsive website using React technologies.
  • Implemented fast loading times and intuitive navigation to enhance user satisfaction.
  • Regularly updated the website with new content and features based on user feedback.
  • Improved average session duration by 35%.
  • Reduced bounce rate by 20%.
  • Increased conversion rates significantly.

Results overview

  • Successfully entered and dominated the US market within a year.
  • Achieved significant growth in online visibility and sales.
  • Established a strong brand presence and loyalty among US customers.

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